The Events of Holy Week

What is so important about Holy Week? The events of Holy Week include much more than most people are familiar with or aware of. Yes, Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem on a colt, His institution of the Lord’s Supper, His agony in Gethsemane, His arrest and trials before Jewish and Gentile leaders, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection were all part of that week. But there is much more that took place during those days which can be helpful in understanding these events more fully.

The fact that this week was a critical week in the life of Jesus and in the History of our salvation can be clearly seen by the sheer volume of what the Gospel writers recorded about that single week. One third – yes, ONE THIRD – of the four Gospels are dedicated to telling of the events of this one week in Jesus’ life! Surely the Holy Spirit emphasized the events of this momentous week for good reason. How profitable for us to be well familiar with the events of these significant days as well!

As an aid in becoming more familiar with the occurrences of this week, we have compiled a series of Gospel readings arranged according to each of the days of Holy Week. Some of the days include a great amount of detail (e.g. Tuesday, Thursday) while other days have little or nothing recorded (e.g. Wednesday, Saturday). It may also be helpful to realize that there are different ways to calculate a day. While we think of it as beginning and ending at midnight the Jews started and ended their days at 6pm. Some of the following events (especially those of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) flow almost non-stop and make it difficult to assign certain events to a specific day. What we are offering here is a reasonable arrangement. It is our prayer that through this study the Bible student will have a better understanding of all that the Savior did for the sinner. We are confident that this will be of rich benefit to all those who use it!

Palm Sunday: A Day of Triumph and Determination

      Matthew 21:1-11;

      Mark 11:1-11;

      Luke 19:29-44;

      John 12:12-19

Quiet Monday: A Day of Cleansing and Cursing

      Matthew 21:12-19;

      Mark 11:12-19;

      Luke 19:45-48

Busy Tuesday: A Day of Conflict and Rejection

      Matthew 21:20-26:16;

      Mark 11:19-14:11;

      Luke 20:1-21:38;

      John 12:20-50

Silent Wednesday: A Day of Obedience and Righteousness

      Luke 22:1-6

Maundy Thursday: A Day of Farewells and Promises

      Matthew 26:17-75;

      Mark 14:12-72;

      Luke 22:7-65;

      John 13:1-18:27

Good Friday: The Day

      Matthew 27:1-61;


      Luke 22:66-23:56a;

      John 18:28-19:42

Somber Saturday: A Day of Waiting

      Matthew 27:62-66;

      Luke 22:56b

Easter Sunday: A Day of Victory and Joy

      Matthew 28:1-15;

      Mark 16:1-18;

      Luke 24:1-43;

      John 20:1-23