Contents of the Augsburg Confession


Part 1 - Chief Articles of Faith

Article I - God

Article II - Original Sin

Article III - The Son of God

Article IV - Justification

Article V - The Office of the Ministry

Article VI - New Obedience

Article VII - The Church

Article VIII - What the Church Is

Article IX - Baptism

Article X - The Lord’s Supper

Article XI - Confession

Article XII - Repentance

Article XIII - The Use of the Sacraments

Article XIV - Order in the Church

Article XV - Customs in the Church

Article XVI - Civil Affairs

Article XVII - Christ’s Return for Judgment

Article XVIII - Freedom of the Will

Article XIX - The Cause of Sin

Article XX - Faith and Good Works

Article XXI - The Cult of the Saints

Part 2 - Articles in Dispute which have been Corrected

Article XXII - Both kinds in the Sacrament

Article XXIII - The Marriage of Priests

Article XXIV - The Sacrifice of the Mass

Article XXV - Confession

Article XXVI - Distinction of Foods

Article XXVII - Monastic Vows

Article XXVIII - The Power of Bishops