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Zion's Bible Class Library

Doctrinal Studies

    Millennialism - A study on the false teaching of millennialism which is so prevalent in our world today. This study refutes the teachings of millennialism from clear Scriptural passages and points out the true teaching of Christ's final return on the Last Day.

    The Millennium and the Bible - This study is a more lengthy and in-depth consideration of the false teaching of millennialism.

    A Biblical Perspective on the End Times - A study of the events and misconceptions surrounding our Savior's second coming and false notions related to millennialism.
  • The Kingdom (html) or (pdf)
  • The Great Tribulation (html) or (pdf)
  • The Millennium (html) or (pdf)
  • The Rapture (html) or (pdf)
  • Who is a Jew? (html) or (pdf)
  • The Land (html) or (pdf)
  • The Antichrist - Part 1 (html) or (pdf)
  • The Antichrist - Part 2 (html) or (pdf)
    1. Are some sins worse than others? - Part one of a study on sin. This study addresses what sin is, and a few distinctions we can make between different sins.

      Sin against the Holy Spirit - Part two of a study on sin. This short study explains the sin against the Holy Spirit and why it is called "unforgivable".

      Letter written to the National Day of Prayer Task Force - A study in the application of the Biblical doctrine of fellowship in connection with the National Day of Prayer.

      Excommunication and Termination - A study which describes the Scriptural guidelines for excommunication and its purpose, as well as the distinction between excommunication and termination of church membership.

      Study of the Hebrew Word Sheol - An in-depth study of the meaning and use of the Hebrew word "Sheol" in the Old Testament.

      Scripture Speaks for the Unborn - A Scriptural study on the topic of abortion, looking at what God has said in the Bible about the life and death of unborn babies.

      The Brief Statement of 1932 - A short summary of our beliefs, originally created and adopted by the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) in 1932, and still adhered to by the CLC.

      The Leprosy of Unionism - This was written in 1918 by Dr. Theodore Graebner of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod as a warning about the dangers of spiritual unionism.

      Concerning Church and Ministry - The CLC's official statement on the church and ministry. This document (written in 1961, following the formation of the CLC) is an in depth study concerning what church is, and what Scripture says about the church's ministry.

      Concerning Church Fellowship - The CLC's official statement on church fellowship. This document (written in 1961, following the formation of the CLC) is an in depth study concerning what fellowship is, and what Scripture says about fellowship.

    See a printable pdf version of Concerning Church Fellowship.
      Church Fellowship - A brief study on the doctrine of church fellowship. It describes the difference between the visible and invisible church and revals the purpose behind this Scriptural teaching.

      Why "Close" Communion? - This short study explains the Scriptural reasons behind our practice of close communion.

      The Christian Woman - A study of Scripture which defines the role of women in the home, church and society (Part 1 of P.F.Nolting's booklet entitled "Hard Sayings").

      Homosexuality - An in-depth look at what the Bible has to say about homosexuality.

      The Doctrine of Election - A study the Scriptural doctrine of election as well as many false teachings related to this doctrine.

    See a comparison chart on the five points of Calvinism with Arminianism and Scripture (pdf).
      Decision making and the will of God - A study on how we as Christians should make God pleasing decisions in our lives.

    If you would like more information about any of our studies, or if you would like to offer any comments, please contact Pastor Mayhew.