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Zion's Bible Class Library

Liturgical Studies

    Lutheran Liturgy as a Confessional Tool - A study which looks at the meaning and purpose of liturgy, and the wonderful confessional nature of our own Lutheran liturgy.

    The Lutheran Liturgy - An explanation of the order of service and terms often found in Lutheran worship services.

    Maintaining a Relevant Church - A study about what makes a church relevant, and what we need to do to continue being relevant for the next generation.

Comparative Religion Studies

    A Brief History of the Lutheran Churches in America (pdf) - A brief study on the current Lutheran churches in the United States, including a brief history of each and a summary of their distinctive teachings.
    • Doctrinal Differences (pdf) - This chart compares the doctrinal differences between the larger Lutheran Church bodies in America.
    The ELCA is not Lutheran - A brief study on the major doctrinal errors being taught and allowed in the largest "Lutheran" church in North America.

    Test the Spirits - A study of doctrinal differences between many of today's churches.

    The Charismatic Movement - A study of the gift of tongue speaking in our current time.

    Jehovah/Jesus pamphlet (pdf) - A tract for Jehovah's Witnesses demonstrating the Scriptural truth that Jesus is Jehovah.

Evangelism Studies

    You are the Light of the World - An evangelism training program for those who want to share the Savior with others written by Pastor Stephen Kurtzahn.

    If you would like more information about any of our studies, or if you would like to offer any comments, please contact Pastor Gantt.