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Zion's Bible Class Library

Book Reviews

    "Ten Things I Learned Wrong from a Conservative Church" - A detailed review of the book written by John Killinger.
    • Chapter 1 - This study deals with the truth of the Inspiration of Holy Scripture.

    • Chapter 2 - This study deals with the truth that God hates sin and sent Jesus to make the full payment for it through His perfect life and innocent death.

    • Chapter 3 - This study deals with the truth that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

    • Chapter 4 - This study deals with the necessity of evangelism, the danger of the social gospel, and the importance of the doctrine of fellowship.

    • Chapter 5 - This study deals with the practical aspects of worship in churches. We will discuss the value of liturgy, preaching, prayer and the celebration of Holy Communion.

    • Chapter 6 - This study deals with the nature of true spirituality in God's eyes. We will discuss the dangers of moral legalism one one side and libertinism on the other.

    • Chapter 7 - This study deals with the Biblical roles of men and women within the church. We will discuss the Scriptural support for this teaching and point out the errors of those who assert otherwise.

    • Chapter 8 - This study deals with the relationship between science and Scripture. We will discuss the creation / evolution debate, and demonstrate the harmony between the two, as seen by the reliability of the Scriptures.

    "The Purpose Driven Life" - A review of the popular book written by Rick Warren.

    "The Da Vinci Code" (pdf) - A review of the popular book written by Dan Brown.

    Other Studies

      The Problem of the Isolated Believer - A Biblical study of the problem of isolation for believers in Christ within this sinful world. This problem is not new, but has been felt by true Christians of all generations.

      The Pastor's Job - A Biblical study on the qualifications for pastors, the work of a pastor, and how it is carried out in the work of ministry today.

      The Devil and the Dying Christian - This is a fictional conversation between the devil and a dying Christian, but it most certainly has application for every Christian. It is written to show the thoughts which the devil uses to raise doubts about our eternal salvation, or to lead the Christian away from Christ by trusting in himself.

      What does the Bible say about going to Church? (pdf) - A Biblical study on the the importance and value of going to church to hear and learn God's Word, to recieve the sacraments, and to fellowship with like-minded Christians.

      Christmas and Epiphany - See what the Bible says about the visit of the wise men, and the appearance of the star from the east - an event not related to our celebration of Christmas!

    If you would like more information about any of our studies, or if you would like to offer any comments, please contact Pastor Gantt.